You Are Not Alone!

There Are Resources for Individuals Impacted by Dementia

Are you currently living with dementia, have a loved one with dementia, or are you a community member that wants to be part of making a difference? The Dementia Care Specialist works through the ADRC to offer support for individuals with dementia, their families, and caregivers, and communities. Supports for individuals with dementia or dementia-like symptoms include the promotion of early detection through the implementation of memory screens; the encouragement of exercise, social engagement, and cognitive stimulation through the LEEPS program; the reinforcement of independence by connecting individuals to programs and opportunities in the community; and the support of research opportunities by connecting interested participants to studies that attempt to further understand the causes and possible treatments of dementia.

The Dementia Care Specialist also works to support families and those caring for individuals with dementia at home. Supports for families and caregivers include assistance with care planning to help address a family’s current situation and help them plan for the future; the facilitation of Memory Care Connection, which is an evidence-based family caregiver support program to help educate and support individuals in providing care to their loved one at home while maintaining their own health and well-being; and connecting family caregivers to community resources including support groups and educational opportunities.

Know that you are not alone! There are many supports and resources available! If you are impacted by dementia because you are living with dementia or have concerns about your memory and thinking skills, you have a loved one with dementia, or you are a community member that wants to be involved in spreading awareness and support related to dementia, contact your local ADRC to get connected to the Dementia Care Specialist by calling 877-794-2372!!



Whitney Thompson, MPH, CHES

Dementia Care Specialist for the ADRC of SWWI (Grant, Green, Iowa, & Lafayette Counties)