What the ADRC has done for me!!!

Sometimes even after reading available information about a group, business, or agency you may still find yourself wondering how they can help you or someone that you love. This page is full of true stories (names have been changed or omitted) of how the ADRC has helped individuals in our local communities! And remember if you choose to call the ADRC you always have the right to stay anonymous!

My mother lives alone and is determined to stay in her own home. She is starting to need more help in order to stay independent. She and I met with the wonderful people at the ADRC in the comfort of her home. She is now enrolled in Family Care and is getting the help she needs. I don’t have to worry quite as much anymore!!!!


A woman came to the ADRC because she had a significant disability and could not drive. The ADRC connected her with a neighbor to provide some transportation; and also applied for funding from a local charity to purchase her a bike so she could do her own small errands. With the new found transportation she felt more comfortable in enrolling in classes to continue her education!


When a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is given it can be a very scary thing. We have worked our whole lives to build and enjoy the home that we love, but when my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I wasn’t sure how long we would be able to stay here. I’m not in the greatest physical condition anymore and am not able to meet the physical demands my wife’s care entails. We met with the ADRC and they connected us to a supportive home care agency that was able to provide 24-hour care for her. Home health also came to do a home safety evaluation and develop an exercise plan to help me. Now, I know we can stay right where we want to be.


Having to take our mom from a good assisted living facility to a nursing home, dealing with dementia etc. is much more different than we expected. Mom’s doctors and the ADRC have been extremely beneficial to us. Thank you!!

A family thought they were losing the patriarch of their family to an infection. All he wanted was to come home. They didn’t know what to do next, the family agreed to meet with the ADRC; first meeting with one family member, then meeting again with a couple of family members as this individuals health was failing.  The ADRC provided the family with available resources for in-home assistance, home modifications, adaptive aides, and general support through a difficult time.  The family called upon the ADRC several times over the course of a month.  The family really came together, were able to bring their father home, and to his avail, he survived the infection at 90 some years of age.  He is now living the life he thought he was losing.  The family was very grateful to have the ADRC to call upon in their time of need, when they were so emotional and confused about what to do.


An adult male who was a few years shy of retirement was battling multitude of health issues, had worked all his life, and was just not able to do it anymore. He hated the idea of filing for disability and had tried unsuccessfully on his own. He was very frustrated with the system in general when he contacted the ADRC. One of our Disability Benefit Specialists (DBS) was able to work with him to file a successful appeal in which he is awarded back pay as well. When our DBS called to inform him of the approval notice, he was emotional and stated that he “had no idea how much his life was going to change when he decided to call the ADRC a year ago.”