Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition Wants to Hear from You!!

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is conducting a survey to learn more about voter experiences in Wisconsin during the August 14, 2018 primary election. We are interested in accessibility and disability voter access at the polls. The results of this survey will help coalition members and organizations have a clearer picture of what the accessibility issues are for Wisconsin voters and how they feel about their voting experiences. You will be able to view the results later this fall at the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition website.


Paper copies are also available for you to print here  http://www.disabilityrightswi.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/DVC-2018-Paper-Survey-FINAL.pdf


Completed paper surveys can be mailed to:    


Disability Rights Wisconsin

6737 W. Washington St. Ste. 3230

Milwaukee, WI 53214

Attn: Wendy Heyn


If you have any questions, contact:   


Wendy Heyn

Voting Outreach Advocacy Specialist

Disability Rights Wisconsin                          




Thank you for your help to improve the voting experience of Wisconsin voters who live with disabilities.