What is Powerful Tools for Caregivers?

Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a six-week workshop that will teach you how to take care of yourself while caring for someone else. By taking care of your own physical, emotional, and financial needs, you become a better caregiver.

Are you helping a spouse, partner, parent, or friend? Someone who lives at home or in a nursing facility? Someone close by or across the country? It doesn’t matter.

The need to provide care can be the result of a chronic illness, an accident, or the gradual decline of one’s ability to meet their needs.

This program will help you cope with the challenges that come with your role as caregiver. The workshop will give you tools to:

-Reduce stress, guilt, anger, and depression
-Manage your time, set goals, and solve problems
-Master caregiving transitions
-Make tough decisions
-Communicate effectively with your care receiver, family members, doctors and paid helpers

Is Powerful Tools for you?
Are you an unpaid caregiver for a family member, friend, neighbor, etc?

You are, if you:

-Take someone to doctor visits and interpret medical instructions
-Help someone with medication
-Grocery-shop for or with someone
-Check on dietary needs
-Manage cleaning, laundry and other household chores
-Care for someone who doesn’t live near you
-Provide care or support for someone in your home, in theirs, or in a care facility

Please call your local ADRC for more information.