Labor Day Ideas for the Elderly

By: Janet Butteris, Social Worker 

Labor Day at the Zoo or Carnival

Many elderly adults enjoy doing activities that they did during their youth Why not pack the care and head out for a fun day at the zoo, a carnival, or let them choose a favorite adventure they enjoyed in their youth. Spending the day with an elderly family member or friend doing activities that are typically kid-centered may spark some wonderful memories that they will be anxious to share.

Have a Backyard Barbecue

Invite elderly family and friends to spend the day at a family barbecue. Spending Labor Day surrounded by friends and family at a backyard party is an excellent way  for guests of all ages to spend the holiday. When preparing food items keep in mind an elderly  adult may not be able to eat some of the food items if they are too spicy. Ask the elderly guests if they have a favorite Labor Day food and have the item prepared especially for them.

Watch a Parade

Spark an elderly adult’s childhood memories by starting the day off at a local Labor Day parade. Many towns have a variety of activities that follow the parade such  as festivals, concerts, or potluck picnics. Check with the local chamber of  commerce or the daily newspaper for local events that would be appropriate celebrations for the elderly.

Enjoy a Scenic Ride

Take the elderly person for a scenic drive to enjoy the green scenery before the leaves begin to change and fall. Pack a picnic basket filled with finger foods, snacks and favorite dessert. Stop at a state park for an afternoon picnic before taking a walk or soaking up some sunshine near  a lake.

Indoor Labor Day Activity

Many elderly adults enjoy gardening, but may not have the opportunity to work outside in a garden. Surprise them with a few terracotta flower pots, a packet of flower seeds, craft paint, and a small bag of soil. Then spend the day with them painting and decorating the terracotta pots and planting flower seeds.