“Every morning in Wisconsin people wake up waiting and worrying about themselves or their family members. The low Medicaid rates don’t attract enough workers or providers to meet the needs of Wisconsin residents. said Survival Coalition Co-Chair Patti Becker.

“Aging family members are sacrificing their jobs, their health, and their retirements to cover the gaps. We have to reinvest in our systems to pay for the actual costs of care,” said co-chair Beth Swedeen

The Survival Coalition needs your help to put a real face on the dire impacts the caregiver crisis is having. It is critical that policymakers hear personal stories from across the state on the impacts the caregiver crisis is having on people with disabilities, older adults, and family caregivers filling in gaps. They also need to hear from care workers who are being driven from the profession by low pay and no benefits. The goal of the survey is to share your stories directly with policymakers as they craft the state budget and with the media to draw attention to the crisis.

Please complete the survey: