Dementia Friendly Community Initiatives

As the number of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease continues to increase (estimated 5.3 million currently) the need for a better support system in our communities is greater! Did you know that 70% of the 110,000 individuals living with dementia in Wisconsin reside in their own homes? Did you know that in all of the counties our ADRC covers (Grant, Green, Iowa, and Lafayette) we are working with coalitions and local groups to make our communities Dementia Friendly? Now you may be wondering what does that mean? Well, we are glad you asked!

Our vision is a community driven effort to develop and sustain an increased awareness and understanding of dementia with decreased isolation and stigma so individuals with dementia are valued, included, and live well.

Why be a Dementia Friendly Business?

Employees will learn how to:

+Recognize customers that may be living with dementia

+Effectively interact with those individuals

+Be aware of the resources available


About the Dementia Friendly training

+20-30 minute on-site training for all staff

+FLEXIBLE to meet your busy schedule

+Receive information tailored toward your business

+Resources for employees who are unable to attend

Benefits for being a Dementia Friendly Business

Your business is recognized for becoming dementia friendly:

+Receive Purple Angel Decal for your store front and website

+A picture of the employees with a banner that states “We are dementia friendly”

+Articles in the local newspaper,on social media, and in newsletters

If you are interested in becoming dementia friendly or joining the dementia friendly community intitative, contact our Dementia Care Specialist, Whitney Thompson by calling 608-426-4295.