The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Southwest Wisconsin will be hosting a monthly virtual presentation/discussion tackling topics to help learn how to work on many tasks that include legal issues, financial issues, health issues, mental health issues and emotional issues; sometimes all of those at once.

Living with a disability, living in an aging body, living with mental health struggles: all require Tough Talks. Tough Talks are not easy, but they are necessary.

Roger Reynolds grew up on a farm in Crawford County, WI and has lived in Southwestern Wisconsin most of his life. Roger lives with Civilian PTSD, depression and anxiety. He is a Mental Health Peer Leader and has participated in, designed and led peer-led Mental Health support groups and skills groups.

Our first in the series will be on Tuesday, June 21st at 11:00 AM via ZOOM. To register you can call 608-328-9610 or email

Session 2 TOPIC: Getting to Know Roger: Our Facilitator

Roger Reynolds will tell parts of his life story.  Plus, he will include information about Civilian PTSD; why he was not accurately diagnosed until 45; how domestic violence, childhood neglect and abuse contributed to his lifelong PTSD; and what treatments are helping him.