The ADRC and Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County would like to thank everyone for coming to the 9th annual Senior Day at Lafayette County Fair.  The weather was PERFECT for everyone to enjoy pie, ice cream, and music by the Larry Busch Orchestra which was sponsored by:  Homer Evenstad, Larry Ludlum, Frank Sauer Transfer, and Jack Wiegel.  Thank you!

Our eight judges had a daunting task in tasting and ranking 15 pies the judges included the following: Carol Korn, John Bartels, Larry Ludlum, Corliss Redfearn, Peggy Davis, Traci Maass, Kriss Marion, and Tammy Ritschard.   The judges walked away with full bellies!  The pies were judged on presentation, taste, creativity, and overall.         


  • Donna Zee won the Best Presentation with a Turtle Pie.
  • Anna Hardyman won the Best Taste with an Apple Pie.
  • Polly Prochaska won Most Creative with an Apple Surprise Pie.
  • Tammy Halvorson won Best Overall with a Strawberry & White Chocolate Pie.

Thank you to all who entered a pie!! 

There were also awards given out for the oldest male and female in attendance; Robert Keough was the oldest male at 94 years old and Vivian Allendorf won the oldest female at 94 years old.  We would also like to thank the Lafayette County Fair Board for providing a great space for our event.  Thank you to the Fair Staff for having everything organized and set up Friday morning.  Thank you to the Dairy Promotion Committee for the donation to pay for the ice cream received from Bryson Distributing.  Thank you to the 2019 Lafayette County Princess, Emma Buss, for helping to hand out pie slices to the judges during the contest.   We are excited to see all of the different varieties of pies next year and to see everyone there!