Elder Abuse Awareness

This display will move from outside the Iowa County Health & Human Services Center to the Iowa County Courthouse… it attests to the ongoing problem of elder abuse in Iowa County.

In front of the ADRC office there are 63 pinwheels on colorful display, gently spinning in the breeze. The pinwheels are bright and cheerful but they stand as reminders of something that is anything but that. Each one stands for a reported case of adult or elder abuse in Iowa County.

It may be incredible to believe but in rural, friendly Iowa County there were 63 cases of elder abuse reported to officials last year and that is just likely “the tip of the iceberg.”

Elder abuse can take many forms: there is physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, neglect; which can be passive neglect such as someone not providing the right kind of medical attention or food, or isolating someone. There are also issues of financial exploitation and abandonment and, of course there is self-neglect.

Iowa County is hoping to raise awareness for something that is really an invisible problem. Putting an end to elder abuse is an important issue for the community. Persons seeking information about or wishing to report elder abuse can call the ADRC at (608) 930-9835 or toll free (877) 794-2372.

See It. Stop It. Prevent It. Take a Stand Against Elder Abuse.

Click here for Pinwheel Display at Courthouse

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